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Revolutionizing Engineering Learning

Simulanis, suggestive from its name, was conceptualized to simulate the real world the way we see it around us – right from the processes which are at the heart of industrial operations, to, the human or machine activities which get those tasks executed in reality.

We started back in November 2013 with a vision to revolutionize engineering learning – a vision to enable every student to visualize different aspects of core engineering, viz. chemical, mechanical, civil, electrical and instrumentation – a vision to help them practically ‘do’ the stuff sitting at their homes, through industry-wide simulators. The vision we saw, was to provide the practical learning experience every student dreams of and aspires to get, through an industrial-interface.

What if students wishing to learn about the operations of an oil refinery, using our products and technologies, they could literally just ‘walk’ into the plant and immerse themselves into an incredible virtual 3D experience, whilst simultaneously training themselves at their own pace and comfort.

What if he could do the same for a pharmaceutical plant, a FMCG production plant, a car manufacturing plant, a power generating plant, and so on.

This was the dream. The vision.

Getting vital feedback from our early adopters and paying customers has improved our product offering and more importantly, given us the knowledge of what our customers really like. So much so, on the back of this, we have now positioned ourselves firmly to develop some of the world’s most innovative engineering learning solutions based on an exciting range of immersive, engaging and innovative Ed-Tech products – leveraging on Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Our products solve the pain of engineers (students, graduates and professionals) who find it difficult to effectively visualize and conceptualize complex engineering subject matter – be it diagrams, schematics, drawings, processes, concepts, laboratory experiments, technical site operations, and so on. Poor visualization, in turn, leads to their poor performance during examinations, job interviews, or applying the technical know-how in industry. We are working hard to address this very problem at a fundamental level – by generating core quality content which actually SOLVES this problem. This is our only USP.

Due to a lack of interactive and appealing solutions, focused and dedicated to solve the problems faced by the engineers at the fundamental level as elucidated above, we believe our offering is bound to gain wider acceptance over time and the traction we have got so far – resoundingly echoes our belief.

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  • Explore the stunning technologies in action.
  • Get amazed by our apps.
  • Play our engaging 3D serious-games.
  • View our unique blended e-learning courses.
  • Feel excellence being simulated – that’s what we take great pride in doing at Simulanis!


Our leadership team consists of industry experts with 100+ man years of experience and expertise in various fields of engineering.

Person Name
RAMAN TALWAR Chief Executing Officer Multi-award winning, Gold Medalist, Chemical Engineering Expert from University of Manchester (Masters). An expert consultant and trainer.
Person Name
GAUTAM PANT Chief Advisor Gold-Medallist & a Strategic planner with expertise in HR, Leadership and Change Management. Civil Engineer, Full bright scholar, MBA (SP JAIN) and pursuing PhD from IIT Delhi.
Person Name
ANKUR SRIVASTAVA Technical Advisor Chemical Engineering Expert with 30 years of Process Engineering experience in Oil and Gas, Refining, and Polymer industries. Has more than 4 Million followers to his blogs.
Person Name
RAJESH THAPER Advisor R&D professional with 25 years of rich experience in Technology & Pharma Innovation. Developed more than 100 API molecules and 125 Patents to his name.


To increase employability rate of engineers manifold by bridging the skills-gap through quality learning.

  • WHO WE ARE? A team of young and passionate Engineers, Developers & Designers who want to provide solutions to practical problems faced by students while learning technical topics.
  • WHAT WE DO? We develop technology-driven, immersive and market-disrupting products to transform the engineering learning experience.
  • HOW WE DO IT? By constantly analyzing, seeking out ways and finally developing end-user high-quality products through which we can enhance the learning drastically.
  • WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? Providing a complete blend of some of the most novel technologies & solutions along with industry peer-reviewed quality content is what makes us different and unique.
  • HOW OUR PRODUCTS HELP YOU? Our products serve the purpose of providing interactive platforms and tools so that the learners can engage themselves in exploring practical realms of technical wisdom easily.
  • WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? It is well researched that the different technologies and methodologies we deploy for students’ aid, are the need of the hour to bridge the huge skills-gap in the industry.
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