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Chief Executive & Founder Director

Raman Talwar

I graduated from the University of Manchester in July 2011 with a 1st Class MEng (4 year) Honours degree and a top-rank in the graduating cohort of Chemical Engineering.

After graduation, I started working for an England-based innovative wastewater treatment company for 6 months from August 2011 to January 2012, where I carried forward the patentable and multi-award winning research work I was involved in during my final year at university. I then got head-hunted to work for 6 months (February 2012 to July 2012) in a more production-based operation troubleshooting role for another England-based FTSE-100 global FMCG-major.

I returned to India (New Delhi) in August 2012, after spending a memorable 5 years in the UK since September 2007, to diversify my father's See more.

business of engineering contracting business into the field of engineering design and consulting.

As part of this journey, I interacted and engaged myself in doing business with several engineering design and consulting companies. In this process, I met with a lot of professional engineers, students and graduates. Upon interaction, I realized that the lack of specialized skills and little awareness of benchmarked international standards, was one of the primary reasons of low work productivity and quality, as compared to the global best practises.

Having studied and worked in environments previously in the UK, where innovation and productivity thrived, I started Simulanis, with an intent to plug the skills-gap I had observed in India, and bridge it at the fundamental root-level, by developing learning products digitizing engineering learning by leveraging on cutting-edge, advanced and revolutionary technologies.

At Simulanis, my role is that of the CEO, and I am overall responsible for managing, strategizing, and building of impactful products, in-line with the vision and objectives of the company, within limited timeframes and resources.

Showcasing the typical traits of a ‘start-up CEO’ and shouldering the typical responsibilities towards the role, I oversee all functions of the company, and lay the foundations in the domains of Technical Operations, Information Systems and Technology, (Digital) Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Strategy, Accounts and Finance, HR, PR, Quality, and Legal Compliance. Addressing the utmost and critical requirement of any startup, I build teams and take responsibility of creating an environment and a culture conducive to draw-out effective and efficient performances from all team members.

I review the company performance over regular intervals, and work closely with all team members to empower them and ensure that they are not only strongly motivated to achieve the assigned goals and targets, but also, cohesively aligned with the overall vision and objectives of the company.

Professionally, my core interests lie in the development and application of process simulation and optimization models to solve real world problems. I take a keen interest in the field of computer-aided design, and especially in the development of process safety solutions applicable across a range of industries including oil & gas, pharmaceutical and chemicals.

Interpersonally, I am driven by passion for Chemical Engineering and fuelled by the innate desire to achieve recognition for noteworthy feats. I like being a straight-forward communicator, and see myself drawing-out opinions by asking the right questions and listening for the suitable answers. I am quite open to change and always willing to accept new directions. Being sensitive to policy, I always relies on facts and figures to support my decisions. I display a great deal of enthusiasm for what I believe is right, and have high expectations from myself and all others around me.

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Meet Our Team

Aditya Raj Sharma Aditya Raj Sharma Administrative Executive
Aditya Raj Sharma Administrative Executive Looks into all administrative and HR work
Neeraj Chouhan Neeraj Chouhan Junior Process Simulation Engineer
Neeraj Chouhan Junior Process Simulation Engineer Supports content development and lends it an international appeal
Ashish Bhalla Ashish Bhalla Product Engineer
Ashish Bhalla Product Engineer Storyboard Artist, Designs Engineering Instructional Content And Manages Team Projects.
Sunil Kumar Tiwari Sunil Kumar Tiwari Junior Process Simulation Engineer
Sunil Kumar Tiwari Junior Process Simulation Engineer Develops and designs engineering instructional content
Arjun Sharma Arjun Sharma Junior Process Simulation Engineer
Arjun Sharma Junior Process Simulation Engineer Works on sites to collect practical knowhow and support content development
Punit kumar Punit kumar Junior Process Simulation Engineer
Punit kumar Junior Process Simulation Engineer Works on sites to troubleshoot operations and debottleneck problems
Niraj Mishra Niraj Mishra IS Development Executive
Niraj Mishra IS Development Executive Develops and codes websites and mobile applications
Rohit Sharma Rohit Sharma Application Developer
Rohit Sharma Application Developer
Ravinder Singh Ravinder Singh Application Developer
Ravinder Singh Application Developer
Yogendra Kumar Yogendra Kumar Unity & Flash Developer
Yogendra Kumar Unity & Flash Developer Develops 3D games and interactive augmented reality applications.
Shubham Khanna Shubham Khanna Application Developer
Shubham Khanna Application Developer
Ritesh Kumar Ritesh Kumar Game Designer
Ritesh Kumar Game Designer Develops amazing 3D models for AR apps and games
Om Prakash Patel Om Prakash Patel 3D Designer
Om Prakash Patel 3D Designer Supports in the design of 3D models
Archit Archit Maheshwari 3D Animator
Archit Maheshwari 3D Animator Develop realistic 3D animation for Virtual Reality Game & Augmented Reality applications
Pankaj Pankaj Sharma 3D Animator
Pankaj Sharma 3D Animator Creates Realistic Body mechanics & Different Game Animations.
Honey yadav Honey yadav 3D Animator
Honey yadav 3D Animator
Mukesh Kumar Mukesh Kumar UI Designer
Mukesh Kumar UI Designer