VR Data Analytics Suite

Determining the success of VR Training through Next-Gen Analytics

To ensure the success of the VR training modules being built across the globe we have developed an analytics suite / SDK which sits on top of the training modules and has the capability to comprehensively capture the live in-game, psychological and physiological data during the game play and effectively assess the performance of the trainee and improve it through subsequent iterations.




End to end trainee assessment comprising of a thorough evaluation of employee psychology, physiology, personality, skillset , knowledge and aptitude.


Improved learning outcomes through effective tracking of user actions and iterative improvement.


Creation of adaptive / intelligent VR modules and training programs with a special focus on the low scoring employees.


Effective segregation of workforce ultimately leading to intelligently designed work teams.


Understand your employee’s ability and create cohorts based on attitude and aptitude.


Drive more revenue with the help of data-backed feedback on your products.


Track your module’s performance with easy customization and cross-platform tracking.

In-game Analytics

Determining the performance of the user while training by capturing key data points such as time taken , # errors, improvement shown, user field of view etc.

Psychological Data

Capturing the psychology/ behavior/ attitude and overall personality of the user by subjecting him/her to pre, mid and post game questionnaires.

Physiological Data

Capturing data such as heart rate, nerve impulses , BP etc. to determine the physiological changes occurring in the human body while playing the module.

Online Performance Dashboard comprising of meaningful KPI's of the employee VR performance eventually assisting in talent management processes.

Transformation of employee training through iterative feedback process

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