Physical Simulator

Simulanis’ range of physical simulators allow enterprises to train their employees for tasks like welding and painting in an immersive and economic manner with improvements in safety and resource utilisation. We combine virtual reality and real world tools to create simulations that are as close to reality as it can get.


VR Simulator Benefits


Live feedback for the trainees.


Accurate tracking of the real world objects.


Measurable and objective evaluations.


Quicker turnaround time for training, at higher quality skills-transfer.

Painting Simulator

Simulanis Paint-VR Suite which is integrated with real paint gun is an immersive virtual reality painting simulation designed to augment traditional educational methods and assist in the training of spray painting and coating fundamentals.

  • Produces a realistic, fully immersive and engaging 3D experience.

  • Reinforces the body positioning and movement required for proper painting and coating techniques.

  • Significantly increases hands-on practice time.

  • Improves safety - no hazardous materials are consumed and no VOCs are emitted.

  • Decreases expenses including materials, consumables, energy, and waste disposal costs.

Welding Simulator

Welding is an important manufacturing technique used in a variety of industries, such as ship building, the automotive industry, and military engineering. The use of welding simulation has been proposed as a supplement to traditional, or live, welding training due to a number of perceived benefits including faster skill acquisition, cost savings and safety.
Simulanis welding simulator empowers user to weld in a safer manner by immersing and engaging himself in a welding shop environment. User has the power to test and do experiments on welding procedure and gets to know the outcomes in the simulated VR environment whereas in real world, user is not allowed to do any experiments and his learning slope becomes constant.
To enhance the skills and learning of operator/ student, Simulanis has introduced a welding simulator in which a real welding gun is tracked by motionless sensor and user welds the object in VR world.

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