Enter into the Visual World of Engineering Reality!

Aimed at providing real-life laboratory experience, in a virtual-aided world, we bring to you our Virtual Reality Services.

What’s in it for you?

Now you get the opportunity to run your experiments remotely or in an actual laboratory with the inclusion of virtually advanced processes and equipment in sync with your requirements.



Customized Solutions

Customized & tailored solutions to meet the industry-trends which is in-line with the education curriculum, supported by industry experts.

Personalized Learning

Scholars, researchers and learning enthusiasts can now run their projects and examine the outputs of their lab-runs to get the desired inferences, in groups as well.


Now you don’t have to think twice to conduct experiments beyond your reach or due to lack of adequate resources at various facilities/labs throughout the learning/teaching quest.

Convenient & Hassle-Free

Now you don’t need to worry about the operational hazards in a live environment. Do-it-yourself, make mistakes and learn effectively, in a virtual environment.

What we bring in to enhance the learning experience?

  • Head Mounted Displays (HMDs)

    Bringing HMDs for visualising processes and running experiments with added operational features for an immersive experience.

  • Lab Controllers

    Introducing VR-enabled controllers to interact with the lab environment and exploring processes to get the desired output.

  • Haptics & Sensory Devices

    Get hands-on learning experience with the availability of haptic and sensory devices including gloves, for efficient and accurate results.

  • 3D-Enabled VR Software

    We provide 3D-enabled software solutions, which include resources to match existing lab experiments, to convert it into a visual treat for the users.

Experience an immersive real-world simulation!

There is more to it than meets the eye!

We are partnering with Universities, Colleges, Educational Institutions and Corporates all around the world, to cater to growing need of providing cost-effective and novel technological solutions to provide real-life laboratory experience using Virtual Laboratory setup, so as to deliver engaging and immersive practical training solutions to the learners of various engineering streams.
Students have an option of individually purchasing and equipping themselves to run their own practical experiments without worrying about the safety or hazards, and play around to run a successful experiment.


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