Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality fall under the same family of immersive technologies which have a remarkable effect to alter our perceptions. It is, however, important to note the differences between them as they often come up in the same conversations and are confused with one another.

Benefits of
Immersive Technologies

Immersive Technologies are Transforming Imagination into Reality

visualization mixed realityVisualisation

It enables better visualization with the integration of virtual 3D models.

immersion Virtual RealityImmersion

Brings immersive experiences to the real world where the users feel as if they’re part of the simulated ‘universe’.

engagement Virtual RealityEngagement

The high level of interactivity and engagement in these technologies enables more immersive experiences. Users ‘learn by doing’ and actively participate in the simulated experience which makes it more enjoyable and memorable.

accessibility Virtual RealityAccessibility

Makes real-world experiences more accessible which are otherwise limited due to geographical or resource challenges.

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